Laurel Square Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center: Celebrating its NEW Recreational Programming – And Having Fun With The NEW Materials!

For Immediate Press Release

At Nationwide Healthcare, Resident health goes beyond nursing, medications, treatments, and rehabilitation.

Based on this premise, our Recreational Programming brings a holistic health approach that engages our Residents’ social, emotional, physical, spiritual and vocational needs.

For this reason, Laurel Square Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, now under the management of Nationwide Healthcare Services, acquired NEW therapeutic recreational equipment and held a Carnival this past Wednesday, September 28, for Residents and their family members to get acquainted and enjoy the new equipment.

At The Carnival, the Residents had a great time with the NEW activities and using the new recreational materials purchased with their specific needs and preferences in mind.

Multi-sensorial in nature, and designed to engage the Residents in a non-structured, playful manner, the materials include: A karaoke machine that offers musical stimulation and promotes social interaction, bowling and bean bag toss kits that encourage eye hand coordination and balance, and water-coloring kits that motivate (and reward!) the Residents’ self-expression. The fabulous pieces of art they created were on display at the Carnival for visitors to enjoy and purchase, and the smell and taste of culinary delights such as Funnel Cakes and fruit bars were enjoyed by all.

The residents were delighted with the new activities and were assured to reap the benefits that Recreational Therapy is renowned for by improving their cognitive and physical skills, and emotional wellbeing. Our Carnival Time was a great success!