New Leader at Wilmington Nursing Home Authors the Book on Nursing Care

Regency Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center’s new Administrator, Tina Larose, knows what families are looking for in choosing a skilled nursing or rehab center.

“They’re looking for a place where they feel as if they are home and where they know the staff is focused on their customized needs,” Larose explains. “It’s equally important that their families feel that way.”

Larose, who began her job at Regency in June, should know what it takes to operate a great nursing center. She wrote a book about it. In Coaching Natural Attitudes, the Wilmington native explains how empathy, enthusiasm and an understanding of a healthy and positive attitude are at the heart of healthcare.

“In my research into prosocial behavior, I learned that the strongest driving force for nurses is a passion for helping people,” she said. “Prosocial behavior theory is based on helping others. I was trying to distinguish whether nurses are in their jobs for extrinsic, which is the money perspective, or the intrinsic, the passion for being in this field. Compassion and empathy go a long way with nurses toward making a difference with residents.”

Larose earned a PhD from Capella University with a dissertation on prosocial behavior as it relates to why people serve.

“I was happy to learn that nurses are looking to improve customer satisfaction and that they had a passion for doing what they set out to do, which in my mind is part of being a nurse,” she said. “We have to deliver care and deliver it in a high quality way. There was a significant relationship between customer-oriented prosocial behavior and prosocial and intrinsic motivation among nurses in the workplace.”

Regency is part of Nationwide Healthcare Services, which also owns and operates Regal Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation in Hockessin and is developing a wellness village including another nursing and rehabilitation center in Milford in southern Delaware.

“We are so fortunate to have Tina with us to oversee nursing care at Regency. It’s rare to have a Nursing Home Administrator with a doctorate degree, great experience and who is also an author,” said Nationwide Healthcare Services General Manager Frank Marchese, who also has a doctorate. “Nationwide promotes a holistic, patient centered approach to healthcare and embraces employees with similar views.”

The extra knowledge – plus Larose’s experience formerly serving as administrator at another nursing and rehab center in Wilmington – allows her to bring different management styles and perspectives in managing the facility and the people who work there. 

Regency has been a consistent high quality performer. Larose sees her job as maintaining that momentum.

“That means keeping residents happy and ensuring that all care services are covered. Building the relationship between residents and staff and staying committed to quality care are the keys to making happy residents,” Larose said. 

While keeping residents healthy through personal attention is the primary mission, Larose said ensuring residents’ happiness is a priority as well, so special activities are part of the program.

“We recently took residents for a cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia and they loved it! Our activities range from cruises like that to summer barbeques to happy hour. We also have a garden on the terrace where residents are growing watermelons and we have entertainment that comes in every Friday.”

Larose’s book, Coaching Natural Attitudes, is endorsed by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. Potential residents can visit and tour Regency and receive a free signed copy of the book if they like.


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