Sterling helps patient return home after serious lung condition

James “Jim” Jones knows firsthand how important it is to choose the right rehabilitation team when fighting to regain your independence. Jim found himself in the Riddle Hospital Emergency Room with dangerous levels of carbon dioxide trapped in his lungs – the result of dust he inhaled when cleaning out chicken coops growing up in Kentucky. His condition was so serious that he went from the Emergency Room to the Intensive Care Unit overnight. After receiving great care in the hospital for several weeks, he was transferred to Kindred of Havertown, a long-term, acute-care facility.

While being treated for his lung condition, Jim lost muscle tone and strength in his legs and arms. By the time he was ready to be released, he was so weak that he was unable to walk or stand on his own. In need of intense physical therapy, Jim immediately thought of Sterling Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. He knew firsthand the high-quality rehabilitation services Sterling provides because his wife was treated there four years ago. Jim and his family could not have been happier with the care his wife received – and Jim had the same experience himself. “The staff was great and everyone was professional and kind to me.”

When Jim came to Sterling, he was on continuous oxygen, was unable to walk in a straight line and had poor activity endurance and tolerance. In short, he was unable to perform common daily tasks and was nowhere near his prior level of functioning. With the kind, experienced assistance of Jonita and Allison in Sterling’s seven-days a week physical therapy program, Jim was able to return home after just five weeks. Today, Jim is no longer on continuous oxygen, only requiring it if he does intense exercise. He is also parting with his daily use of a wheelchair and swapping it out for a cane. “Everyone treated me excellently; absolutely with no hesitation would I recommend Sterling to others.”

With the support of his doting wife of 57 years, Helen, and the caring, experienced staff at Sterling, Jim is making strides to return to work as an industrial maintenance mechanic. “I’ve had great care all the way through from Riddle, to Kindred, to Sterling. They treated me well, and they treated my family well.”

Jim could not be happier to have Helen by his side as he continues his recovery at home. “We’ve been together for 57 years and I’m looking forward to another 57!”